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Fluff and Tuff

Sometimes, one of the best things you can do for your pets is to just give them a new toy to play with. At Wet Noses, you'll find a large variety of toys for both cats and dogs. We have toys that are fun for all - from little mouths to big jaws. We carry toys that stimulate, toys that clean teeth, puppy and kitten toys, and toys that are just plain cute! Our toys enrich the lives of pets and pet parents.

  • Zanies

  • Go Dog

  • Loopies

  • Beach Dog

  • Zippy Paws

Over 30 suppliers of dog toys with 100s of designs and sizes

Just because we have a large selection of toys for your dogs doesn't mean we've forgotten about your cat. We have a wide selection of catnip stuff-able toys and have catnip refills available. Our catnip is 100% organic-grown in the USA. We also have interactive toys such as wands, safe LED lights, and the very popular Catnip Bubbles for you to play and bond with your cat.

We have toys your cats will love too

  • Tuffy

  • Fluff and Tuff

  • Huggle Hounds

  • Silly Squeakers

  • Dog Digging Designs

  • Yeowww

  • Pet Candy

  • Cat Dancer

  • Imperial Cat

  • Bavarian Cat

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