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Carolyn joined Wet Noses in 2014 and is a very popular groomer. She has a loyal following that continually grows. In addition to grooming, Carolyn is training to become a Tellington-Ttouch practitioner.


The Tellington-Ttouch is a technique that combines specific touches, lifts, and movement exercises, helping to release tension and increase body awareness in pets. She is very popular with our four-legged customers that are elderly and may need extra time and loving. Her experience helps her to be very knowledgeable in all dog breeds, their conventional looks, and more creative styling.

Carolyn - Groomer

An Anna Marie Islander by birth, Deedee joined Wet Noses in 2015. She has been grooming dogs and cats for over 35 years. Deedee is an experienced Veterinary Technician, kennel owner, and an all-around animal enthusiast. She is passionate about animal health and familiar with traditional grooming as well as more modern fusion styles. She specializes in show-standard hand scissoring work.

Deedee - Groomer

Willow was rescued in the UK by the police service. She was a fearful and shy little girl. My, did that change! She is quick to speak her mind and has the nickname of "Will-De-Beast."


Position - Store security

Favorite food - Stella & Chewy's Phenomenal Pheasant

Favorite treat - Chicken chips

Favorite toy - Charming Pet Sea Crinkle

Likes - Chasing squirrels and yelling at the mailman


Nunu was given up for adoption when his first mom couldn't look after him anymore, even though she loved him very much. He is a lover, not a fighter, and has the nickname "WiggleButt."


Position - Store greeter

Favorite food - Weruva Paw Lickin' Chicken

Favorite treat - Maggie's Morsels Cookies

Favorite toy - Fluff n' Tuff Georgia Gator

Likes - Walking along the beach and giving kisses


Deedee Carolyn Willow Nunu

Deedee has a very calm and nurturing nature and is great with dogs that can be nervous when visiting the groomers. She is great with our visitors with special needs and our four-legged friends that need a little extra TLC.

Carolyn started working with animals in her teens and learned to groom in 1985. She is a true animal enthusiast and has allowed her love of animals to guide her path in life. With her husband, she has owned and operated a boarding, grooming, and training facility in Vermont as well as a veterinary service offering low-cost care to pets in Florida. They have lived in Sarasota for 21 years and currently own 4 Chesapeake Bay Retrievers, a Chihuahua, a Schnauzer mix, 3 cats, 3 tortoises, and a turtle.


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