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Great collars and harnesses from your favorite designers

We understand the importance of choosing the right harness for your dog. Is your dog walking you and has a tendency to pull? Does your dog have a fragile trachea where no stress can be placed on the throat? Stop by to see us or give us a call - we'll help you find the harness that will work best for your dog.


For harness fitting, we encourage you to visit us with your pet. We will spend time with you measuring your dog's key areas - length, chest, and neck size - to ensure the harness you choose is a perfect fit. If you can't bring your dog with you, we suggest bringing your dog's vital statistics with you.

Choosing the right harness for your dog

For those style conscious kitties, we carry a range of USA-made crystal encrusted collars and a selection of this season's Leather Wolf Wear. In addition, we have a wide selection of everyday yet stylish cat collars and harnesses for tiny kittens to our beautiful, big feline friends.


Tie-outs allow your cat the freedom to roam without the worry of them roaming a little too far. If you want your cat to wander a little, stop by and see what we have for you!

Collars, harnesses, and tie-outs for your cat

Want to get some fresh air with your cat or dog? Wet Noses has a great selection of collars and harnesses for your pets. Whether you're looking for practical, day-to-day wear or a designer Swarovski encrusted collar or harness, we've got an extensive selection of collars, harnesses, and leashes. We are a retailer of Susan Lanci, Wolf Wear, and Leather Brothers merchandise.

Exceptional options for collars and harnesses

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